How to Generate Leads & Sales with Facebook Ads:

Foundational course for coaches, consultants and online course creators

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THEE Online course you need to be able to: 

✅ Achieve your ambitious business goals, faster  

✅ Impact more people with your products and services, creating a ripple effect

✅...All while working less - because ads help you bring in leveraged leads and sales.

By the end of this course, you will:

✅ Get clear on your Facebook ads strategy  

✅ Find the RIGHT audiences to target with your ads

✅ Write high-converting Facebook ads copy

✅ Design scroll-stopping Facebook ad creative

✅ Set up all the necessary tech elements for your ads  

✅ Set up a Facebook ads campaign generating leads for your webinar, challenge or freebie  

✅ Use my 6-step process to successfully optimize your ads

✅ Set up retargeting ads to generate SALES  

✅ FINALLY have the confidence that you're using a SUCCESSFUL ads framework - instead of blindly throwing money at Facebook!

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Hey! I’m Yulia Stourac, a Facebook Ads Strategist and the creator of this course.

In case we haven’t met yet, here’s why I can help you succeed with Facebook ads:

👉 7+ years of experience with Facebook ads in the online services and online course creation niche 

👉 Helped hundreds of people through my consulting, done-for-you offers and online course 

👉 Hundreds of thousands of leads generated for my clients 

👉 Responsible for $1 million+ in sales for businesses I worked with 

Happy clients = happy me

Katya Varbanova
Founder of Viral Marketing Stars® and 20k Nation™

"Yulia helped us scale from 100 customers all the way to 9000+ customers!"

"I’ve been working with Yulia since 2016 and she’s been the most instrumental person on my marketing team!

If it wasn’t for her, there’s no way I would have scaled the business from the early days from 100 customers all the way to 9000+ customers!

Facebook ads has been our number one traffic source and if it wasn’t for Yulia we wouldn’t even be doing this!

She’s also incredibly diligent and would recommend her not just as an expert but also as a kind human being."

Bill Rosenthal
CEO, Visibility and Conversions

"Yulia helped our clients improve on their KPIs"

"Yulia is a professional marketer committed to driving results and has developed comprehensive social media strategies that have helped our clients improve on their KPIs.

Her attention to developing best practice guidelines and implementing them accordingly in an ever-changing landscape make her an industry leader.

 We would recommend Yulia to others and look forward to continue working with her."

Viola Cherchi
Founder at www.Vitek.Digital

"Amazingly experienced and reliable"

"Yulia is an amazingly experienced and reliable Facebook Ads Strategist who deeply understands her customers’ needs providing invaluable hands on support in accordance with best practices.

 She is quick to identify potential complications so they can be addressed in the planning stage.  

It’s a few years Yulia and I have been working together now and I cannot recommend her enough!"

"We were able to cut the Cost per Lead in HALF in just a few days of working with Yulia! I was amazed!"

Svet Dimitrov, Founder at

So what's inside the course?

Module 1.

Set Yourself Up for Success: What do you need to know BEFORE running Facebook ads?

✅Analyse and benchmark your funnel so that you’re able to FIND and FIX any leaky holes that are currently sucking money out of your business

✅ Zero in on a WINNING Facebook ads strategy  

✅ Use my 3-step process to calculate EXACTLY how much you need to spend on your Facebook ads

 ✅ Prevent your ads from getting rejected and your ads account from getting shut down

Module 2.

How to Target the RIGHT Audience on Facebook?

✅ Complete the 5-Point Client Psychology Deep Dive to set the foundation for writing high-converting ad copy

✅ Use proven methods to gather intel on your audience and find the RIGHT audiences to target

✅ Assemble a list of at least 30 pages or interests  that you can target on Facebook  

Module 3.

How to Write High-Converting Facebook Ad Copy?

✅ What are the 3 MUST-HAVE elements of a high-converting Facebook ad?

✅ 15 Hooks to pull your audience in from the first line of your ad  

✅ High-converting Facebook ad copy templates to make your life easier

Module 4.

How to Design a High-Converting Facebook Ad Creative (Image and Video)?

✅ What makes for a scroll-stopping Facebook ad image? What about video?

✅ Criteria, tools, checklists and examples to empower you to design ads that ACTUALLY get clicked

✅ Plenty of ideas for you to come up with at least 2  different ad creatives that are guaranteed to stop the scroll 

Module 5.

What Tech Elements Do You Need to Set Up Facebook Ads? [Lead Generation Through an Opt-in Page]

✅ Where and how to place your Facebook pixel?

✅ How to create a high-converting opt-in page - so that you make the MOST out of your advertising budget?

✅ How to adjust your tech to the latest changes? (iOS 14, etc)

Module 6.

How to structure your Facebook ads campaigns for success?

✅ Why correct structure and proper testing framework are ABSOLUTELY essential to your ads' success? 

✅ So should you use CBO or ABO?

✅ How to test your ads against each other so that your results and profits keep improving? 

Module 7.

How to Set Up Facebook Ads Generating Leads for a Webinar, Challenge or Lead Magnet?

✅ How to create the essential Custom Audiences for your ads? (so that you reach your most engaged audiences who are MOST likely to convert)

✅ How to set up your lead generation campaign - from start to finish?

✅ Get your campaign LIVE - Yay! 

Module 8.

How to Analyze, Optimize & Scale Facebook Ads?

✅ Which numbers to look at when optimizing your lead generation ads - and which ones to disregard?

✅ The 6-Step Ad Optimization Process to CONSTANTLY improve your ads and make them more effective and profitable

✅ Scaling methods for both ABO and CBO campaigns - for when you're ready to GO BIG! 

Module 9.

How to Set Up Facebook Ads Generating Sales of Your PAID Offer?

✅ How to write an irresistible sales ad?

✅ Jump into the Ads Manager and  get your sales ads set up!

✅ How to optimize and scale your sales ads?

BONUS Module 10!

How to Set up Ads Generating Leads through a Facebook Lead Form?

✅ Why this alternative set up can be advantageous when generating leads for your webinar, challenge or freebie?

✅ What tech elements do you need to set up your ads in this way?  

✅ How to set up your lead generation campaign in this alternative way - from start to finish?